• hutchens 96-2

    An Artist’s Life: The Art of Frank Townsend Hutchens

    September 14, 2014 | 4:00pm – 7:30pm

    Bill Hutchens is the speaker on his book, “An Artist’s Life: The Art of Frank Townsend Hutchens” A reception follows and the exhibit of the artist’s work may be viewed and Mr. Hutchens will sign his new book on the artist in the Silvermine room.

  • agusta-simon-room

    The Augusta Simon Room

    Having lived in New Canaan for almost 90 years, the late Augusta Simon is an artistic icon of New Canaan. Relying on memory and photographs, as well as personal observation, she crafted a detailed portrait of New Canaan. The paintings recall some of her fondest memories of growing up and living in New Canaan: Monroe’s […]

  • bob_gregson

    Bob Gregson: Archi/Abstracts

    We are proud to present the photography of Bob Gregson entitled Archi/Abstracts at the Gores Pavilion in Irwin Park. Bob is an artist who has a passion for architecture and modern design. The photographs in this exhibit are details of familiar buildings by well-known architects. Originally taken to document his trips to architectural icons, these […]