• Daggy Richard House

    In Our Own Backyard: Augustus Smith and Richard Daggy Exhibit

    Augustus Daggy (1858-1942), an illustrator and painter, settled in Norwalk in 1913. He became an original member of the Silvermine Guild of Artists. Richard (1892-1973), Augustus’ eldest son, was schooled in art by his father. His paintings, like his fathers, tend to be landscapes, but of a very different style. His medium was watercolor. Father […]

  • as we were

    Costume Exhibit Opens – As We Were 1889

    On Saturday, December 6th, the Society opened its latest costume exhibit, As We Were, featuring the fashions of our founding year, 1889. The exhibit connects two historical events, the first meeting to found the Historical Society, and the wedding of two prominent founders, Edna Hoyt Rogers and Henry Benjamin Rogers. Edna Hoyt Rogers was a lifelong […]

  • agusta-simon-room

    The Augusta Simon Room

    Having lived in New Canaan for almost 90 years, the late Augusta Simon is an artistic icon of New Canaan. Relying on memory and photographs, as well as personal observation, she crafted a detailed portrait of New Canaan. The paintings recall some of her fondest memories of growing up and living in New Canaan: Monroe’s […]