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New Canaan's Historic Homes
New Canaan Historical Society Archival Material

A Selection of Significant New Canaan Homes Over 100 Years Old, Drummond Visitation Homes, Landmark Homes, New Canaan Historic District Homes, Silvermine Center Historic District Homes

* Denotes Houses Plaqued by the New Canaan Historical Society

Date House Name Date House Name Date House Name
1851c Albin J. B. Sims House* 1861 Alva Ayres House 1743 Amos Pennoyer-Goodwillie
1860 Andrew Bartow House 1846c Apple Orchard House 1846 Austin Carriage House
1840 Austin House 1820c Azor Tuttle House 1873 Baptist Church
1833 Beers House 1764 Benedict House 1724 Benedict-Eels-Thatcher House*
1819 Benedict-Ells House 1635c Benjamin Slawson House 1751 Betts House
1906 Binkerd House 1906 Binkerd House 1865c Bliss House*
1797 Bradwood Farm 1898 Brooks Sanitarium 1804c Brushwood Farm
No date Burtis Homestead 1750 Burtis House 1835c Buttery Family House-1
1860 Buttery Family House-2 1860c Buttery Family House-3 1740 Capt. Scofield's House
1831c Charles Carter House 1838c Charles Reed House* 1831 Charles Waterbury House
1737c Charles Weed House* 1860c Charles Whaley House I 1885 Charles Whaley House II
1759 Chichester House 1900c Child Estate Clock Tower* No date Church Meadow House
1888 Clarence Scoville House* 1842c Comstock House* 1770c Comstock-Burnham House*
1834 Congregational Church* 1889c Congregational Church, 2nd Parsonage* 1898 Country Club of New Canaan
1886 Crajah House 1813c Crissey or Talmadge House 1800c Crofoot House*
1840c Darius Davenport House* 1763 Davenport-Dr. N. W. Green House* 1863 David Waring Farm*
1785c David Webb, Jr. House* 1780c Deacon Wm. Crissey House 1795c Deforest House*
1795c Deforest House 1746 Delevan House 1754c Ebenezer Benedict House*
1760c Ebenezer Crissey House 1802c Elijah Weed House 1798c Eliphalet Seely House
1795c Elisha Seeley House* 1874 Ellen McBride House 1792c Enos Kellogg House*
1908 Ernest Greene, Sr. Carriage House* 1730c Finch-Pearl House 1830 Fitch-Drummond House
1836 Fitch-Perkins House* 1737 Fitch-St. John-Ruscoe House No date Frank Booth House
1904 Frederick C.Raymond House 1841c Geddes-Parketon House* 1889 George E. Raymond House
1890 George Kellogg House 1747 George T. Bye House 1823 Gilbert House
1899 Grace House-in-the-Fields No date Gray Brothers Bottling Co. 1822 Grosvenor House*
1760 Grupe House 1885c Guthrie House 1870 Hanford Avery House*
1793 Hanford House 1832 Hanford House 1764 Hanford-Silliman House*
1848 Harvey Bouton House* 1830 Harvey Lockwood House 1776 Harwinton House
1830 Haynes House 1795 Hays House 1859 Henry Rogers House*
1846c Herman & George Selleck House 1852 Hezekiah Hull House 1795 Hickock-Osborn-Valentine House
1772 Hickok House* 1763 Hickok House 1801 Hiram Crissey House
1827 Hiram Davis Homestead 1830 Hiram St. John House* 1732 Timothy Hait House
1764 Hoyt House 1735 Hoyt-Burwell-Morse House 1764 Husted-Avery Peck House
1834c Hyatt Gregory House 1739 Hyatt Gregory House & Store* 1764 Isaac WaringHouse
1763 Isaac Waring House No date Isaac Weed House 1910 J. Hyde Barnum House
1827 Jacob Arnold House 1826c Jacob Weed House 1840c James H. Chichester House
1728 James Hait House* 1852c James Jones House* 1879c James R. Marshall House*
1850c Jared Burtis House 1813c Jared Crissey House 1818c Jared Crissy House
1709 Jason Kellogg House 1890 John F. Bliss House* 1737c John Fitch House*
1792c John Hayes House* 1840c John Hoyt House 1758 John Keeney House
No date John Stone House No date Jones Farm Barn 1796c Joseph Campbell house
1796c Joseph Crawford House No date Joseph Hanford House 1840c Joseph Lambert House
1839 Joseph Scofield House* 1749 Josiah Weed House 1745c Josiah Weed House*
1858c Keeler House* 1735c Levi Boutton House 1810c Lockwood House*
1750 Lockwood-Macrae House 1831c Lone Tree Farm 1890c Lounsbury-Davenport Barn*
No date Lucy Weed Cottage* 1898 M. E. Sherwood House 1904 Madame Papasiantz House
1833 Mead Block 1854 Methodist Church 1830 Methodist Parsonage
1798 Nash House 1850c Nathan Seeley House? 1802 Nathan Selleck Comstock House
1850c New Canaan Nursery Tenant House* 1751 Obadiah Seely Jr. House* 1840 Old Morgue-Thrift Shop
1828 Olmsted House 1900c Orline St. John Alexander House 1894 Payson Merrill House*
1831 Pennoyer House* 1790c Peter St. John House* 1807 Peter Weed House
1811 Platt House 1832c Platt-Hamilton House* 1820c Puddleduck Farm
1822c Raymond House 1800c Redington Fisk House 1898 Rev. J. C. Wyckoff House
1762 Richards House 1799 Rock School* 1745 Roger Sherman Inn
1877 Rogers Studio* 1865c Roswell Reed House 1760c Sagamore Knollth>
1830c Samuel A. Weed House 1845 Samuel A. Weed Tenant House* 1736c Samuel Benedict House
1765c Samuel Cooke Silliman House 1845 Samuel Judson House* 1804 Samuel Lockwood, Jnr. House
1830c Samuel or Elijah Scofield 1840c Samuel P. Tuttle House* 1865 Samuel Pennoyer House*
1821c Samuel Stevens House* 1860 Samuel Whaley House 1820 Sanford Curtis House*
1870 School House, District # 3 1750 School House, District # 4 [1st] 1848 School House, District # 4 [2nd]*
1902 School House, District # 4 [3rd] No date School House, District # 8 No date School House, District #11
1852 Selleck's Corners Church & Cemetery 1869c Selleck-Houghton House* 1720 Seth Weed-Chapman-Martin House
1737 Seymour-Comstock House* 1782c Seymour-St. John House* 1840c Sherman Smith House
1839 Shoe Factory 1860c Silvermine Market 1748 Smith-Wilcox House
1798c Squire Raymond House* 1850 St. John Farm 1750 St. John House
1742 St. John-Ashwell House* 1834 St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 2nd Manse* 1833 St. Mark's Episcopal, Church*
1881 St. Mark's Rectory* 1800c Stephen Bouton House 1796 Stephen Chichester House*
1798 Stephen Chichester House 1825c Stephen Hoyt Jr. House 1760c Stevens House*
1722 Stevens-Verleger-Deerson-Saxon House 1845 Sun House* 1879c Sylvanius & Francis Keeler House
1722 Talmadge House 1790 Talmadge House 1790c The Goody Stone Place
1881 Thomas A. Borden House* 1832 Thomas Carter House 1861c Thomas J. Mead House*
1841-45 Thomas Raymond House 1760 Thomas Seymour, Jr. House 1748c Timothy Delevan House
1825 Town House* 1859c Vine Cottage 1880c W.W. Austin Blacksmith Shop*
1896 Wardwell House* 1743 Waring's Farm* 1823 Warren House
1838c Watts Comstock House I* 1872 Watts Comstock House II* 1912 Waveny
1830c Weed Rental Property 1858-1941 1799 Weed-Humason Houseth> 1760c Weed-Vanderhoef-Adams House
No date White Bird Farm 1893 Whitney Homestead 1855 William Bolt House*
1850c William C. Bennett House 1870c William H. Searles House* 1750 William Reid, Sr. House
1824c William Seely House 1857c William Seymour House* 1905 Winfield B. Elwood House*
1850c Wyx Seely House No date Zopher Lot A No date Zopher Lot B