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Since 1943, the New Canaan Historical Society has published annuals and pamphlets, rich in the details of our local history, providing an unsurpassed look at life in New Canaan. Many are still in print and are available for purchase in our Library. We also have local history books and pamphlets for sale that were published by others.

Here is a partial list. Visit us to see the rest of our inventory.

  • Hidden History of Connecticut.Learn the truth about the Charter Oak, the State Seal and how the American Revolution was saved.
  • The Old Neighborhood: New Canaan, Connecticut, during the 1930s and 40s.Mario "Ben" Benedetto. 2009. This short memoir recounts the good (and some of the bad) times by a member of New Canaan's close-knit Italian-American community.

New Canaan Historical Society Annuals (Page 1)

  • New Canaan Meets the Cuban Missile Crisis. 2011,by Hudson Stoddard. This account chronicles how New Canaan residents (including Thomas J. Watson Jr., who later became U.S. Ambassador to Moscow) reacted to and prepared for the Cuban missile crisis. A fascinating chapter provides little-known details about the construction of numerous fallout shelters on private land around town.

  • I Remember the Old Town Farm, 2006.This memoir chronicles life in the early 1900s on New Canaan's poor farm, which was known as the Town Farm. The author provides fascinating insights into how residents of the poor farm fared and were cared for, and also describes the day-to-day activities of rural life in the early years of the 1900s (including home life during World War I). The story was written by Isabel Bouton, Lane, Raymond, Moore and transposed by Roger Bouton Lane.

  • Mary J. Kelley and the Little Red Schoolhouse, 2004.Mary Kelley, the last teacher in the one-room schoolhouse on Carter Street, taught there for 47 years, from 1910 until the school closed in 1957. This booklet was compiled by Robert W. P. Cutler, M.D., who attended the school for five years, from 1938 through 1943. At the Society's request, Dr. Cutler got in touch with a number of his former classmates and asked for their memories and impressions of their days at the Little Red Schoolhouse. He then assembled the reminiscences into this wonderful booklet. Illustrated with many photos.

  • My Impressions of the Hour, 1998.This turn-of-the-20th-century journal was written by Margaret Mary Corrigan, who taught in three of New Canaan's one-room schools from 1897 until 1901. The journal gives a fascinating perspective both on the state of education in small district schools of that era and on the young lady herself, as she struggled valiantly to improve her own education. Interspersed among the entries are reflections that she wrote as she read her journal 40 years later. The Society is indebted to Mr. Walter Korfman who generously donated Miss Corrigan's diary.

  • A Guide to God's Acre, 1997. This guide to a neighborhood walking tour of the Historic District is based on an original "Landmark Tour" prepared by historian Mary Louise King. It includes houses that are officially part of the Historic District, as well as neighboring structures of significance. The District includes buildings surrounding God's Acre and was formed with the purpose of preserving the historical nature of the center of the Town.

  • John Rogers and the Rogers Groups. 1987. This fascinating collection includes a biography of Rogers, a recollection by his son, and notes on how the famous Rogers Groups were made. Rogers lived in New Canaan and worked in the Victorian Gothic Studio that now stands on the Historical Society's grounds; it is one of only two National Historic Landmarks in New Canaan.

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