Bob Gregson: Archi/Abstracts

We are proud to present the photography of Bob Gregson entitled Archi/Abstracts at the Gores Pavilion in Irwin Park. Bob is an artist who has a passion for architecture and modern design. The photographs in this exhibit are details of familiar buildings by well-known architects. Originally taken to document his trips to architectural icons, these photos are shot on the run and thus have a fresh and immediate look to them. As Gregson explains, “It was not necessary to document the buildings as much as to capture a spontaneous moment that expressed, in a simple detail, the heart and spirit of my experience.” Since these are done on the fly the essence of the building needs to be sized up quickly. As Bob says, “I look for details and characteristics that embody the personality of the building. This can be quite difficult especially when the experience is three dimensional and may not necessarily translate into a flat image.”

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