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Building History at The New Canaan Museum & Historical Society

As we celebrate the past, the New Canaan Museum & Historical Society is heading into the future with the construction of an outdoor education space on its historic campus.

A family-friendly series of pathways will connect the Rock School (a one-room schoolhouse), famed American sculptor John Roger’s own Rogers Studio, the 1764 Hanford-Silliman House, and the Tool Museum and Print Shop. Interpretive signage will provide critical information about each building and its unique story. Anchoring the walking trail is the new 20 square foot terrace for activities, events, performances, or simply a place for families to gather. These new spaces offer children a way to explore and learn about their Town in an unstructured, safe environment.


You can support this Historic Trail Project by purchasing a brick for $150.

These 8” x 4″ bricks can be engraved to honor a parent or grandparent, memorialize a family member, celebrate a child, or pay tribute to a pillar of New Canaan’s community.



Participation in building this outdoor landmark space in the heart of New Canaan is a way to leave a personal mark on the Town for decades to come.

For questions, please contact Nancy Geary at

Photos by Meghan Gould