Conversation with Philip Johnson

As the president of the New Canaan Historical Society and a member of its Glass House Committee, John Rogers invited Philip Johnson to speak to Society members and Mr. Johnson accepted. So at the Society’s quarterly meeting, held at St. Mark’s Church on October 12, 1979, the two men entered into an unrehearsed conversation before an audience of more than 200 members and guests. Philip Johnson, who for many years had been a preeminent spokesman for the International Style, had recognized that Modernism had died during the late 1970’s and startled his followers in January 1979 by unveiling the model for the new A T & T office building in New York, which he and his partner John Burgee had designed in a Neoclassical Style. At the Society’s meeting Johnson again declared that Modern architecture was dead.

Philip Johnson in New Canaan, Landis Gores and Richard Foster, 1986.

The interview in its entirety can be found in Philip Johnson in New Canaan, which is available for purchase at the Historical Society.

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