George Cody’s Campaign Buttons and Posters Collection

George Cody and his family have been collecting campaign buttons and posters for over 50 years.  This collection represents a small part of his entire collection which encompasses both parties, with over 50 Presidential posters and about 45 panels of buttons.

George remarked, “My collection started as a family affair.  One of my first political memories was carrying soda into the basement of our local Stevenson/Kefauver headquarters in 1956.  Our attic became a repository for campaign leftovers, becoming the core of my collection.  I am always in search of National and State Republican buttons and posters to balance my collection.”

The collection concentrates on campaigns from 1900 through 2014, but does feature an 1860 centerfold from Harper’s Weekly.  The centerfold highlights the 1860 Democratic Convention in Charleston, South Carolina, outlining the candidates for the Democratic nomination for President:  Sam Houston, Jefferson Davis, John Breckenridge, Stephen Douglass, and former President Franklin Pierce, among others.

In addition, George has a sizable collection of Connecticut buttons and posters.  He has exhibited his collection previously at The New Canaan Historical Society, Waveny Care Center, the Democratic State Convention and three times in the Old Judiciary room at the State Capitol.