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Hanford-Silliman House Windows Restored Thanks to a Generous Grant from the 1772 Foundation!

1772 Foundation Grant Award Completed.

A generous matching grant of $15,000 from the 1772 Foundation and the Connecticut Trust  for Historic Preservation provided funds for restoration of seventeen original windows in the Hanford- Silliman House Museum.

In several windows, etchings by original owners can be found.    The c.1764 house is a center piece of the Town’s Historic District and exempifies two early periods of American architecture – the mid-eigthteenth and early nineteenth century.  It is an excellent example of the architectural evolution that so many historic structures experience. It is equipped with period funiture and accessories and interpreted to reflect the first resident, Stephen Hanford, a weaver, spinner, and New Canaan’s first Tavern Keeper.  The structure maintains most of its original fabric.

 It is the aim of the Society to keep it’s buildings in  good and authentic repair.  The 1772 Grant provided the opportunity to restore the badly deteriorating windows and save the original glass important to its architectural integrity.

Thank you to the 1772 Foundation and The Connecticut  Trust for Historic Preservation for the $15,000 grant matched with funds from The New Canaan Rotary Club and funds from the Erwin Bickley and Elizaberth Chilton memorial funds.

To complete the installation of the windows an additional $13,000, not covered by the original grant and match, was needed.  The Jeniam Foundation most generously granted the funds necessary to complete the project.