Midcentury Houses Today – The Book



Midcentury Houses Today surveys the remarkable concentration of residential modernism in New Canaan, Connecticut, a site of lively experimentation by the Harvard Five and other leaders of the movement in the United States.

Architects Jeffery Matz and Cristina A. Ross, photographer Michael Biondo, and graphic designer Lorenzo Ottaviani present a group of sixteen houses as an evolving legacy that adapts to contemporary life. Each one is described in detail: from the minimalist look of the initial construction, to the subsequent additions by some of the most significant architects of our time, and concluding with the way in which the houses are lived today. Voices of the architects and the builders, original owners and current occupants combine to describe how the modernist residence is more than just a philosophy of design and construction, but also a philosophy of living.

The book is currently  available for purchase at the Historical Society.

The Monacelli Press

240 pages

10.25 x 10.25 inches

200 color illustrations

Original and current floor plans


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