Modern House Day Tour FAQ

What is the Modern House Day Tour?

The Modern House Tour is a one-day event that includes a van tour of multiple modern homes in New Canaan, as well as a symposium featuring specialists in modern art and architecture. In previous years, the tour and symposium have taken place between 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on the scheduled day.

The House Tour has previously featured homes designed by Philip Johnson, John Black Lee, Alan Goldberg, Hugh Smallen, Landis Gores, Ulrich Franzen, Gates and Ford, Edward Durrell Stone and Bimel Kehm. The homes visited on the tour vary each year.

Tours are limited to 200 attendees and tickets must be purchased in advance.

When is the next Modern House Day Tour?

The next Modern House Tour will be in the spring of 2018. Typically the Society has a Tour on alternating years.

Click here to learn about our previous 2016 Tour

How can I ensure that I will be contacted about the next Modern House Day Tour?

If you would like receive emails regarding the next Tour, please email the Society at with “Modern House Tour List” in the subject line. We will add your name and email to our Modern House Tour contact list.

Where do the proceeds of the Tour go to?

Event proceeds benefit the New Canaan Historical Society’s preservation program.

Do you give out the names and addresses of modern homeowners to the public?

The Society does not release any personal information of any modern homeowners in order to respect their privacy. The Society takes the security and confidentiality of modern homeowners seriously. If you are interested in researching New Canaan moderns, we have an extensive file collection that may pertain to your inquiry. Please visit the Society or contact us at 203-966-1776, if you would like to inquire about modern architecture research.