New Canaan’s Revolutionary War Heroes

by James Bach March 13th 8:00 p.m. Lindstrom Room

In 1776 when we were New Canaan Parish our town may have had as many as 1,000 residents. Two hundred and nine of them saw service during the period of the Revolution (1775-1783) in the militia and/or Washington’s Continental Army.  All of Washington’s  northern battles from Bunker Hill to Yorktown had one or more Canaan Parish boys in harm’s way.

Three soldiers with New Canaan backgrounds stood out in the Revolution.  Jim Bach will highlight the three soldiers on March 13th at the Quarterly Meeting.   One was a captain who went on to become a big land owner on Oenoke Ridge and to be the founder of the New Canaan Episcopal Church.  The second hero reached the rank of Colonel and served as Washington’s  chief spy with headquarters  on Ponus. Ridge.  And the third, as a lowly platoon sergeant earned our country’s first and highest award for valor during the Yorktown defeat of Cornwallis.  An image of The Badge of Military Merit is shown above.

Jim Bach was born and raised in New Canaan.  His family dates back in town three generations to 1916. Jim has been very involved in the Historical Society including serving many years on the Society’s Board of Governors, researching and  lecturing on Town history, as well as teaching young students.

You’ll not want to miss this half hour talk.  New Canaan has some bragging rights that you’ll want to pass on to your families.

Refreshments will be served following the meeting.