Have you ever wondered how to get started on genealogical research? Nora Galvin, one of three Board Certified Genealogists in Connecticut, will address this question and much more in her presentation “How to get started: Principles of Genealogical Research including DNA Testing,” on Sunday, May 20th at 3 pm.

Galvin will discuss how to conduct genealogical research, what kinds of evidence is valuable and credible, the services provided by DNA companies and strategies behind using them.

Galvin combines her professional work in Connecticut and Irish research and genetic genealogy with activities in local genealogy societies. She is journal editor and past president of Connecticut Ancestry Society, board member of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, president of the Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council, and editor of the e-zine of the New England Regional Genealogical Conference.  In her past career as a biologist, Galvin worked in laboratory research for a pharmaceutical company, where DNA was used as a drug discovery tool, and as a high school biology teacher.

Galvin is a descendant of nine immigrants from eight counties in Ireland who braved the Atlantic between 1848 and 1905 and made their way to Cincinnati via New Orleans, New York and Boston.  She has a strong interest in Irish genealogy and immigration.