Historic Homes

A Selection of Significant New Canaan Homes Over 100 Years Old, Drummond Visitation Homes, Landmark Homes, New Canaan Historic District Homes, Silvermine Center Historic District Homes
* Denotes Houses Plaqued by the New Canaan Historical Society
Denotes a Drummond Visitation House

  • DateHouse Name
    1720Seth Weed-Chapman-Martin House
    1722Talmadge House
    1724Benedict-Ells-Thatcher House* 
    1728James Hait House*
    c. 1730Finch-Pearl House
    1732Hoyt House
    1735Hoyt-Burwell-Morse House
    c. 1735Levi Boutton House
    c. 1736Samuel Benedict House* 
    c. 1737John Fitch House* 
    c. 1737Seymour-Comstock House* 
    c. 1737Charles Weed House*
    1737Fitch-St John-Ruscoe House
    1739Hyatt Gregory House & Store*
    c. 1740Raymond-Comstock-Wakeman House
    1740Cap’t Scofield’s House
    1742St. John-Ashwell House* 
    1743Waring’s Farm*
    1745St. John-Russell House*
    c. 1745Josiah Weed House*
    1745Roger Sherman Inn
    1746Delevan House
    c. 1747Stevens-Hanford Bernart House*
    1747George T. Bye House
    1748Smith-Wilcox House
    1749Josiah Weed House
    c. 1750Chivvis House
    1750Lockwood-Macrae House
    1750School House Distrcit #4
    1750St. John House
    1751Obadiah Seely Jr. House*
    c. 1754Ebenezer Benedict House*
    1758John Bartlett House
    1759Chichester House
    c. 1760Sagamore Knoll
    1760Grupe House*
    c. 1760Weed-Vanderhoef-Adams House
    1760Thomas Seymour Jr. House
    1762Richards House
    1763Isaac Waring House
    1763Davenport-Dr N.W. Green House
    1763Hickock House (“Visitation House”)
    1764Hanford-Silliman House*
    1764Hoyt House
    1764Peter Weed House
    1764Benedict House
    1764Husted-Avery Peck House
    1765Hickock-Osborn-Valentine House
    c. 1770Comstock-Burnham House* 
    1772Hickok-Grupe-Brown House*
    1775Jones Farm Barn
    1776Harwington House
    c. 1776Marvin-Findlay House, “Extown Farm”
    c. 1782Seymour-St. John House*
    c. 1786David Webb Jr. House*
    c. 1790Davenport-Crissey House*
    c. 1790Peter St. John House*
    1790Talmadge House
    c. 1792John Hayes House*
    c. 1792Enos Kellogg House*
    c. 1795Deforest House*
    c. 1795Elisha Seely House*
    1795Hayes House
    c. 1796Joseph Crawford House
    1797Bradwood Farm
    1798Stephen Chichester House*
    c. 1798Eliphalet Seely House
    1798Nash House
    1798Squire Raymond House
    1799Rock School*
    1799Weed-Humanson House
    c. 1800Crofoot House*
  • DateHouse Name
    c. 1800Redington Fiske House
    c. 1800Stephen Bouton House
    1801Hiram Crissy House
    c. 1802Elijah Weed House*
    1804Brushwood Farm
    1804Lockwood, Samuel Jr House
    c. 1810Elias Lockwood House*
    1811Platt House (2)
    1819Benedict-Ells House
    1820Lockwood-Slauson House*
    1820Sanford Curtis House*
    c. 1820Azor Tuttle House*
    c. 1820Puddleduck Farm
    c. 1821Samuel Stevens House*
    1822Grosvenor House*
    1823Warren House
    1823Gilbert House
    c. 1824William Seely House*
    1825Town House
    c. 1826Jacob Weed House
    1830Hiram St.John House*
    1830Haynes House
    1830Fitch-Drummond House
    1830Methodist Parsonage
    1830Harvey Lockwood House
    c. 1830Samuel or Elijah Scofield House
    c. 1830William DuBois House
    c. 1830Samuel A. Weed House
    1831Pennoyer House*
    1831Charles Waterbury House
    1831Charles Carter House
    1832Thomas Carter House*
    c. 1832Platt-Hamilton House*
    1833St Mark’s Episcopal Church*
    1833Beers House
    1834St Mark’s Episcopal Church 2nd*
    1834Congregational Church*
    c. 1834Hyatt Gregory House
    1835Buttery Family House #1
    c. 1835Stephen Hoyt Jr House
    1835School House Distrcit #8
    1836Fitch-Perkins House*
    c. 1838Charles Reed House*
    c. 1838Watts Comstock House 1*
    1839Joseph Scofield House*
    1839Shoe Factory
    c. 1840Darius Davenport House*
    c. 1840Samuel P Tuttle House*
    c. 1840Joseph Lambert House
    1840Old Morgue
    1840Austin House
    1840Frank Booth House
    c. 1840Sherman Smith House
    c. 1840Buckeye Farm
    c. 1841Geddes-Parketon House*
    1841Thomas Raymond House
    1842Comstock House*
    1845Richardson Wright House*
    1845Samuel A. Weed Tenant House*
    1845Samuel Judson House*
    1846Austin Carriage House
    1846Apple Orchard House
    18482nd Church Hill School House*
    1848Harvey Bouton House*
    c. 1850New Canaan Nursery Tenant House*
    c. 1850Jared Burtis House
    c. 1850Wyx Seely House
    c. 1850Nathan Seely House (?)
    1850White Bird Farm
    1850St John Farm
    c. 1851Albin J. B. Sims House*
    1851Husted House
    c. 1852James Jones House*
  • DateHouse Name
    1852Selleck’s Corners Church & Cemetery
    1852Hezekiah Hull House
    1854Methodist Church
    1855William Bolt House*
    c. 1856Hanford House?
    c. 1857William Seymour House*
    c. 1858Keeler House*
    1859Henry Rogers House*
    c. 1859Vine Cottage
    1860James R. Marshall House*
    c. 1860Beers-Buttery House*
    1860Buttery Family House #2
    c. 1860Buttery Family House #3
    c. 1860Charles Whaley House 1
    1860Samuel Whaley House
    c. 1860Guthrie House/Silvermine Market
    c. 1861Thomas J Mead House*
    1861Alva Ayres House
    1863David Waring Farm*
    1865Samuel Pennoyer House*
    c. 1865Bliss House
    c. 1865Roswell Reed House
    c. 1869Selleck-Houghton House*
    c. 1870William H. Searles House*
    1870Hanford Avery House*
    1870District #3 School Hous, Little Red Schoolhouse
    1872Watts Comstock House 2*
    1873Masonic Temple (*Thrift Shop)
    1874Ellen McBride House
    1877Rogers Studio
    c. 1880W. W. Austin Blacksmith Shop*
    1881St Mark’s Rectory (*Red Cross)*
    1881Thomas A. Borden House*
    c. 1882Raymond House
    1886Crajah House
    1888Clarence Scoville House*
    c. 1889Congregational Church, 2nd Parsonage*
    1889George E. Raymond House
    c. 1890Lounsbury-Davenport Barn*
    1890John F. Bliss House*
    1893Whitney Homestead
    1894Payson Merrill House*
    1896Wardwell House*
    1898Rev. J.C. Wyckoff House*
    c. 1898Stephen & Carrie Ruscoe House*
    1898Country Club of New Canaan*
    1898Brooks Sanitarium
    1899Merritt House*
    c. 1900Child Estate Clock Tower*
    c. 1900Lindenfield
    1903Van Gerbig Estate
    1904Bradley House
    1904Fred and Annie Raymond House
    1905Winfield B. Elwood House*
    1905Litchfield, Electrus
    1905Oenoke Lodge
    1905Williams, Mrs Percy
    1906Bright’s Knoll –
    1908Ernest Greene, Sr Carriage House*
    1910Barnum/Pons House
    1910Gray Gables
    1910Wisteria Hill
    1911Ponus Ridge Chapel & Community Association
    1911School House District #11
    1911Burtis Homestead
    1914Treetop – Woodley
    1922Silvermine Guild
    1932Community Church
    1933Junior High School