Modern Homes

  • New Canaan is widely known for its scores of houses designed in the decades after World War II by some of the nation’s best  architects. At the New Canaan Historical Society, we have embraced the Modern movement and are at the forefront of efforts to appreciate and preserve that legacy.

    In 2002, when it became clear that some of our community’s most beautiful Modern houses were being torn down and replaced by huge, conventional houses, we revived New Canaan’s tradition of Modern house tours, and added an educational symposium, to raise awareness of just how important and threatened the houses are.

    We organized subsequent tours and symposiums in 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2016. As a result, hundreds of people from throughout the United States have had a first-hand look at some of our town’s modern gems.

    Our Library contains an important collection of archival material about the Modernist movement in New Canaan, and we operate and maintain the Gores Pavilion, at Irwin Park.

    The Society was also a lead sponsor of the groundbreaking Modern Homes Survey, which identified 91 modern houses in the community and created a set of evaluation criteria.

    Modern House Day Tour FAQ

  • View the Modern Homes Survey

  • DateHouse Name
    1939Mills House
    1947Sidney Bowen House
    1948Breuer House I
    1948Janer House
    1949Landis Gores House
    1950Glass House
    1950Barlow House
    1950Tallman House
    1951Rantoul House
    1951Brown House
    1951Bremer House
    1951James Mills House
    1951Gress House
    1951Hodgson House
    1952Kiffen House
    1952Gratwick House
    1952Roles House
    1952Weeks House
    1952Poole House
    1952Ault House
    1952Weeks House
    1952Riley House
    1952Celanese House
    1952Gates House
    1952Campbell House / Goldberg House
    1953Campbell House or Goldberg House
  • DateHouse Name
    1953Ball House
    1953Wiley House
    1954Irwin House
    1954Tech Built House
    1954Tech Built House
    1954Arlt House
    1954Naill House
    1954Ford House
    1956Noyes House II
    1956Daine House
    1956Warner House
    1956Speculative House
    1956Lee House
    1956Rayward House
    1957Boissonas House
    1957Hurlburt House
    1957Bacon House
    1957Rogers house
    1957Smallen House
    1957Ford House
    1958Matthews House
    1958Attwood House
    1959David Melville House
    1960Dagget Jackson House
  • DateHouse Name
    1960Edward Winter House
    1960Irwin Pool House
    1961Laszlo Papp House
    1961Evans House
    1961McCarthy House
    1961DeSilver House
    1962Teaze House
    1962Hall House
    1962Becker House
    1962Tatum House
    1964Duprez House
    1964Dana House
    1965Pederson House
    1966Parsons House
    1966Leufhold House
    1966Day House
    1968Latham House
    1969Monroe House
    1969McDonnall House
    1969Zula Crichton House
    1974Whitlow House
    1977Spotts House
    1978Brandon House
    1979Flashen House
    1980Branch House
    1984Grant House
    1984Kane House