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The Rogers Studio was built in 1878.  It was moved to the Society’s campus from its location on the site of what is now St. Mark’s.  It was one of the first buildings designated by the Department of Interior as a National Historic Landmark in 1966.

John Rogers was born in 1829 in Massachusetts and died in 1904 in New Canaan.  Called ‘The People’s Sculptor,” he was the first American sculptor to mass produce his work.  He sold as many as 80,000 sculptures nationwide and brought the art of sculpture to the American middle class.  His sculptures were a popular wedding gift.  

The NCM&HS  has a large collection of Rogers Groups, as his sculptures are called.  They depict ordinary people – people playing checkers, a doctor weighing a baby, men engaged in a political discussion – as well as scenes from the Civil War and Shakespearean plays.