The Gray Brothers Bottling Works

Time for your history lesson of the day! In the late 19th century and early 20th century, there was a bottling works plant located on Weed Street. Like many towns in America at the time, bottling works plants manufactured bottled soda to supply to local residents. On Weed Street, brothers Arthur and Marshall Gray started The Gray Brothers Bottling Works in 1882. It was on the east side of Weed Street, just south of Richmond Hill Road, and they eventually had to enlarge the plant because of high demand. Products included Lemon & Cream Sodas, Birch & Root Beers, XXX Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Seltzer or Vichy Water, among others. Deep Rock Water was added after an artesian well & accompanying windmill was added in 1892. The photo of the truck below was taken on the back-driveway of the property, which went from Weed Street to Marshall Ridge. It shows the first motor delivery truck in town, an English-made Commer. Around this time (early 1900’s), there were about 25 employees and this truck allowed them to deliver to a larger area. The Gray Brothers soon advertised that their service “extended to 14 towns.” The other photo shows the Gray home on Weed Street and at the far left of the picture (if you look very closely) you can see a sign for the Gray Brothers Bottling Works (about mid-way up the photo).

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