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Racism, Inequality and Injustice: The Start of Change

A six-part lecture series sponsored by New Canaan Community Foundation, New Canaan Library, New Canaan Museum & Historical Society and the Interfaith Council.

Understanding how we got here is key to moving forward.  This series is designed to gather our community and collectively build a common understanding of the history, policies, systems and experiences shaping racism and inequality in our country and state.

During September and October, participants will hear from scholars on the history of slavery in New England, the black experience in America from 1865 to the present, economic inequality, white identity, issues in criminal justice, and the search for solutions in housing.  Then, we’ll gather in a facilitated process to continue the conversation, using our shared knowledge to explore creative and meaningful solutions.  People of all ages, races and backgrounds are encouraged to participate and find a voice in the conversation.   

September 15 @ 7 pm: Justene Edwards, Assistant Professor in the Department of History at University of Virginia: History of Slavery in New England

September 23 @ 7 pm: Bishop John Selders, Assistant Dean of Students, Trinity College and leader of Moral Monday CT: The History of Racism in America – 1865 to the present

September 30 @ 7 pm: Professor Edwards: The Freedmen’s Bank and the origins of economic inequality

October 13 @ 7 pm: Kica Matos, Director of the Center on Immigration and Justice at the VERA Institute: A conversation on the impact of incarceration and detention on black and brown communities

October 20 @ 7 pm: Debbie Irving, author of Waking Up White: White Privilege

October 27 @ 7 pm: Erin Boggs, Director of Open Communities Alliance: Discrimination in housing and zoning policies

Please register through the New Canaan Library