“Yankees or Yorkers?” Presented by James Bach, March 9

A Presentation by James Bach
Monday, March 9 ∙ 5:00 pm ∙ Lindstrom Room

“Yankees or Yorkers”  is not at all about baseball. It’s about how Connecticut and, specifically, the Town of New Canaan came to be, a fascinating story that will be told by a native son, James Bach, in this Historical Society program.

Using antique maps, Jim will analyze Connecticut’s boundaries with neighboring states way back to the 1600s when they really were just colonies of England. In 45 minutes, the audience will learn how people who would have been taxpaying New Yorkers are now New Englanders instead. Jim also will trace the roles of  Stamford and Norwalk when they were our “parent cities” before there was a Town of New Canaan or even just a Canaan Parish.

Why is a river that is 10 miles long called the Five Mile River? Why does Connecticut have such a convoluted western boundary with that curious extra jog to include most of Fairfield County? Answers to questions like these will be included  in Jim’s story of how our neighborhoods, our communities, came to be what they are.

Jim Bach was born and bred in the town of New Canaan. His family dates back three generations in New Canaan to 1916. After graduating from New Canaan High School in 1947 and then from Columbia University, Jim proudly served for two years in combat during the Korean War. Following the war, his career centered on Wall Street. He then he retired to New Canaan with his wife, Vona. Jim’s involvement with the Historical Society is all-encompassing, including many years of service on the Board, researching and lecturing on Town history, as well as teaching young students.

A wine and cheese reception will follow the presentation.


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