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The New Canaan Historical Society was founded on August 31, 1889, making it the oldest (along with Westport) Historical Society in Fairfield County.  Its purpose, as set forth in the original Articles of Incorporation, was “to bring together and arrange the historical events of the town, the genealogies of families who have lived in the town or who now live in the town, for preservation and for the easy examination of those interested.  Specifically, to gather the political history and military records of the town, the history of the churches, the history of educational efforts public and private, to collect books, pamphlets and papers, to form a library; to collect specimens of minerals and natural history, and to collect relics and curiosities to form a museum; and by lectures and otherwise to promote proper social science and the intellectual and moral welfare of the members of the society and the people of the town.”  

Since that time, the Society has expanded to a two-acre campus with five buildings, a full time staff, three exhibition spaces, more than 600 members and more than 5000 visitors a year.  In 2018, its name changed to New Canaan Museum & Historical Society and its mission was updated to reflect its role as a museum.   


Our founders included the descendants of some of New Canaan’s first families — among them Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Lockwood, Charles R. Abbott, Alexander Law, S.Y. St. John, James and Edwin Hoyt, Lucius Monroe Sr., Francis E, Weed, Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Rogers, and Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Silliman. Today the Society welcomes all members — descendants of early settlers and more recent residents – as well as visitors from around the country and abroad.



Lawrence Caldwell

Vice President

Robert Mallozzi, III


Tom Monahan


Claire Foster


Matthew Bloom
Elizabeth DeMuth

Wesley C. Fredericks
Amy Freyre
Janet Lanaway
Janice Luddy

Alice Mahoney
Thomas Nissley
Laura Pla
Brock Saxe
Ashley Shackelton
Frances Wilson
Whitney Williams
Nicholas Yanicelli


Jim Bach
Susan Bishop

Sonia Macdonald

List of Historical Homes

A selection of significant New Canaan homes over 100 years old, Drummond Visitation homes, Landmark Homes, New Canaan Historic District homes, Silvermine Center Historic District homes have been preserved at the Museum.




Nancy Geary, Executive Direcctor


Michael Murphy, Librarian Archivist


The Historical Society relies on its volunteers to help in a variety of capacities.  We offer such a variety of volunteer opportunities that there is something for everyone, and we will work with you to find something that suits your interests and skills.  For further information, please call Nancy Geary at 203-966-1776 ext. 2, or stop by the office.