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New Canaan, CT

Building Gallery

Eight museums and historical buildings are open to visitors – The 1764 Hanford-Silliman House, The 1960 Gores Pavilion, The 1825 Town Hall, The 1845 Cody Pharmacy, The 1878 Rogers Studio, The Tool Museum & Printshop, and two one-room schoolhouses. Together these buildings tell the story of New Canaan’s history and some of its most notable residents.

A family-friendly series of pathways connects the Main Campus. Interpretive signage provides critical information about each building and its unique story. Anchoring the walking trail is the new 20 square foot terrace for activities, events, performances, or simply a place for families to gather. These new spaces offer visitors a way to explore and learn about the Town in an unstructured, safe environment.

An appointment is strongly recommended.

Main Campus