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Peter Swanson and Bob Gregson present ARCHITREKS: Travels of Architecture Addicts


Sunday, April 28 @ 4 pm

When Peter Swanson and Bob Gregson met in 1976, it quickly became evident that they shared a passion for modern architecture. Their interest began when they were kids and continues to this day. Since then, they have traveled the world to visit well known architectural sites such as Fallingwater, Ronchamp, Brasilia and many other icons. Dubbing their travels as “architreks,” for 48 years they have collected their experiences by meeting many original owners, many of whom were clients of Frank Lloyd Wright. “Architreks: Travels of Architecture Addicts,” is a personal memoir which includes their amusing stories.

Peter Swanson is a retired physician who is busy in his new role as architectural preservationist. He is the author of LaGardo Tackett a monograph on his work which is available at

Bob Gregson is the former creative director of CT Culture and Tourism. He is an artist, photographer and author of several books featuring interactive games for young students, including ArchiGames.