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Wedding Dress


Silk, cotton, wool, silver, glass
Worn by Miss Edna Hoyt
Gift of Mary Louise King

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Edna Hoyt, the daughter of Edwin and Sarah Hoyt, married Harry Benjamin Rogers on November 8, 1888 at her parents’ home on Carter Street. Edna grew up in New Canaan and attended the Little Red Schoolhouse. Edna served on the committee responsible for selecting the site of the New Canaan Library, placed the granite marker at the bottom of God’s Acre, and founded the first New Canaan chapter of the Red Cross. The donor, Mary Louise King, noted historian and author of Portrait of New Canaan, donated the dress.

Skirts were extremely heavy and special undergarments, including the rigid “shelf” bustle, maintained the robust silhouette over many hours of the day. Elaborate front pleating enhanced the exquisite beadwork. Dresses were decorated through embroidery using ribbons, braids, beading, and metallics, creating a grandiose appearance.

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