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Hoffman Dress


Silk, glass
Worn by Mary Louise Hoffman
Gift of Mrs. Bertha Mather McPherson

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Mary Louise Hoffman married Reverend Thomas W. Nickerson on January 10, 1888 in Trinity Chapel on 25th Street in New York City. Mary was one of nine children of Rev. Dr. Eugene Augustus Hoffman, Dean of the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Chelsea Square. Rev. Hoffman was a great benefactor of the seminary and helped build the chapel there.

Bertha McPherson and her husband lived in the Mather Homestead, now a museum in Darien. Bertha founded the Darien Historical Society. Her daughter, Jane, married Bill Nickerson. This dress belonged to Bill’s mother.

This dress is a beautiful example of the elaborate decor of the 1880s however due to its age this gown requires extensive restoration so it may be displayed in the future.

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