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Wedding Dress


Polyester, glass
Worn by Jane McCoach
Gift of Jane and Michael McKee

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Jane McKee (née McCoach) married Michael McKee on November 14, 1970 at the Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta, Georgia. Michael grew up in New Canaan. The McKees now live in Redding, and are proud donors of a number of historic clothes in the Museum’s collection.

Jane purchased her dress at the Juliette Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. It was the first dress she tried on. She specifically chose a slim wedding dress in contrast to some of the more ball gown-style options available. The veil was originally part of the train for the dress, but Jane chose to have it converted.

Polyester became a fabric of choice during the 1970s. Wedding dresses of this decade were most often embellished with traditional lace. Floor length maxi dresses, a common 1970s trend, began gradually replacing the popular mini dresses of the 1960s.

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