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Wedding Dress


Silk, Irish crochet lace
Worn by Mrs. Mason Barlow
Gift of New Canaan Town Players

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At the time of their wedding in 1908, Mason Barlow was involved with the Shoe Association and Credit Clearing House in Philadelphia.

The dress features Irish crochet on the bodice and the high neckline, as well as shirred, wrist length sleeves. Skirts of this period were bell-shaped, moving away from the 19th century bustles. Lace was a popular decoration for women’s clothes, but for those who couldn’t afford it, Irish crochet was an excellent alternative. The fashionable, S-shaped corset achieved the most desirable silhouette for women: a narrow waist and a “mono-bosom.” Tops were loose and blousy, which helped emphasize this top-heavy shape.

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