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“The Children of Israel”: Uncovering the Stories of the Enslaved African People of the Episcopal Society in Canaan Parish


On Tuesday, May 3rd @ 7-8pm, the Reverend Dr. Justin Crisp will discuss the history of the enslaved African people who worshipped in, and contributed to the founding of, the Episcopal Society in Canaan Parish, eventually known as St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Many colonial Anglicans were slaveholders. Anglican missionaries in British colonies both benefited financially from slavery and sought to evangelize enslaved people. Enslaved African Anglicans argued and fought for their freedom on the basis of their baptisms. Come hear how all these histories shaped the history of St. Mark’s, and even left their imprint on St. Mark’s colonial-era cemetery on West Road.

This program arose out of research Fr. Crisp and others conducted as part of St. Mark’s Racial History Task Force in spring 2021.

Dr. Crisp is Associate Rector and Theologian-in-Residence at St. Mark’s. He is also a lecturer at Yale Divinity School.

The program is free and will be presented in the Lindstrom Room of the New Canaan Museum & Historical Society at 13 Oenoke Ridge. Refreshments will be served.   It will be simultaneously available through zoom.